Section: Winter 2021
EEOC Permits Employers to Mandate COVID Vaccinations to Employees: Now What?
With the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, employers will now face a different set of challenges as they grapple with the decision of whether or not to require employee vaccination.
What In-Person Jury Trials Look Like During COVID-19 Pandemic in Washington State
Kelsey Shewbert and Brandon Smith completed a three-day trial in Clark County from November 23-25, 2020. The trial was a good example of what to expect for in-person jury trials in Clark County and how other counties in Washington may handle jury trials until social distancing guidelines are lifted.
Hermanson v. MultiCare: Washington Supreme Court clarifies scope of corporate attorney-client privilege and application of Loudon rule
Over 20 years ago, the Washington Supreme Court announced in Loudon v. Myhre that, in order to protect the patient-physician relationship, defense counsel cannot have what it called “ex parte” communications with a personal injury plaintiff’s non-party treating physicians.
Heading South: Key Differences Between the Washington and Oregon Versions of the “No Contact” Rule
For Washington defense lawyers traveling south, there are important differences between the Washington and Oregon variants of the “no contact” rule—RPC 4.2.
Tips from My Virtual Jury Trial Experience
Tips and recommendations following a fully virtual, two-week jury trial in December 2020 in King County.
One on One with Judge Keenan Regarding Zoom Jury Trials
In addition to lending his time during our January 27, 2021 presentation, King County Superior Court Judge David Keenan also addressed a few recurring questions related to Zoom jury trials.
Congratulations to WDTL’s 2020 Award Winners
In a challenging year for the legal community, extraordinary lawyers across our state worked tirelessly to light the way forward. The WDTL Awards shine a spotlight on some of these exceptional people and are an opportunity for all of us to learn from their best practices.
WDTL Continues Their Support of the Emergency Feeding Program
In the spirit of giving this season, WDTL continued their support of the Emergency Feeding Program.
Defense Wins! - Winter 2021
In each edition of the Defense News we feature Defense Wins of our members and colleagues. WDTL is proud of our defense attorneys and we like to share their accomplishments. Please share your wins with the editorial team.