Section: Winter 2022
Zoom Away! Observations and Tips on Mediating Through a Screen
Pre-COVID, it was easy to take for granted the value of a handshake, a pat on the back, real eye contact, and body language in establishing rapport, an essential ingredient to a successful mediation.
Scarred by SCCAR and Marred by MAR
Take a gander at your local “MAR” rules—yes, this is redundant, as MAR stands for “Mandatory Arbitration Rules”—and you are likely to see a list of “permitted interrogatories” or some other express limitation on the scope of discovery.
A Toxicology Primer
The Psychomotor Impairments of Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol and How They Contribute to Motor Vehicle Accidents
WDTL Member News
Congratulations to WDTL’s 2021 Annual Awards Winners
The Cut Off
I went to college at the University of Florida. I watched the Price is Right. I went to matinees. I ate breakfast at IHOP at 2 am and scheduled no classes before noon. Seeking to continue this lifestyle, I enrolled in law school.
The 2021 WDTL Golden Coat Drive Donates an Astonishing 933 Coats and Winter Accessories
The 2021 Golden Coat Drive was a wonderful success with 933 coats and winter accessories donated.
Welcome New WDTL Members!