The 2021 WDTL Golden Coat Drive Donates an Astonishing 933 Coats and Winter Accessories
Thursday, March 24, 2022
by: Jade Park, Law Offices of Alan Garrett

Section: Winter 2022

Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S.As the holiday season fell upon us, the WDTL Community Service Committee began their Annual Golden Coat Drive again. The 2021 Golden Coat Drive was a wonderful success with 933 coats and winter accessories donated. But, more importantly, it served as a reminder of the spirit of the holiday season. It reminded us of how thankful we are for the generous heart of WDTL and their willingness to serve our larger community.

The organizations chosen to receive our donations from the 2021 Golden Coat Drive, were Mary’s Place ( in the Seattle and Olympia area, and CrossWalk Youth Shelter ( in the Spokane area. Mary’s Place is an organization that provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children, and families in their journey out of homelessness. CrossWalk Youth Shelter is an organization that provides emergency shelter serving runaway and homeless youth in Eastern Washington.

In first place for the 2021 Golden Coat Drive was Forsberg & Umlauf, with both their Seattle and Tacoma offices donating a total 201 coats. In second place was Physician Direct Services with a total of 187 coats donated. In third place was Advanced Medical Group with a total of 157 coasts donated.

Physicians Direct ServicesThe 2021 WDTL Golden Coat Drive Committee and the WDTL Community Service Committee congratulate the winners of the drive for their generosity and willingness to participate. We would also like to congratulate and express our deep gratitude to all the firms and individuals that participated in the drive. Bullivant Houser Bailey donated 125 coats; Gillaspy & Rhode donated 60 coats; Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt donated 48 coats; Betts Patterson & Mines donated 42 coats; Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson donated 37 coats; Soha & Lang donated 35 coats, Kirkpatrick & Startzel 30 coats; Foley & Mansfield donated 4 coats; McGaughey, Bridges & Dunlap donated 3 coats; and Kathleen Howat, WDTL donated 3 coats.

The members of the 2021 WDTL Golden Coat Drive were Grace Adams, Physician Direct Services, Alison Turnbull, Kirkpatrick & Startzel, and Jade Park, Law Offices of Alan Garrett would like to extend their gratitude to Maggie Sweeney, Executive Director, WDTL, Kathleen Howat, WDTL, and WDTL Community Service Committee Chair, Gauri Locker, Office of the Attorney General.