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Tuesday, February 27, 2029

On Demand: Navigating Heavy Trucking Forensics: Digital Technology and Failure Analysis

Start Date: 2/28/2024 8:00 AM PST
End Date: 2/27/2029 5:00 PM PST

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Maggie Sweeney
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Sponsor: ARCCA

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This course will provide the attendees with an understanding of the modern digital technology contained within commercial trucks traveling along our roadways along with the potential digital data contained within heavy machinery in fields, construction sites, and elsewhere. An understanding will be gained of how this data is obtained, what may be captured, and how it can be applied to a case. In conjunction, components failures (material failures) will be analyzed to provide the attendees with a look at how an expert can determine if the component failed due to the incident or if the component failed causing the incident. Case studies will be provided to show how these methods work independently and together in cases.

Presented by
Braydon Bourne, B. ENG, ACTAR, Senior Accident Reconstruction Expert
Wade Lanning, Ph.D., Senior Engineer

Braydon Bourne is an accident reconstructionist specializing in motor vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, and heavy truck accident reconstruction, in addition to pedestrian incidents, product failure, and other general safety related issues. He is certified to access and interpret Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders and passenger vehicles as a BOSCH Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician/Analyst. His experience also includes video analysis and human factors related to motor vehicle accidents, including driver response and nighttime visibility analyses. He is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR #4085). He is currently an active board member and the treasurer of the Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators.

Mr. Bourne regularly uses laser scanning and photogrammetry; and has taught reconstruction techniques for large audiences. Common skills used in practice are laser scanning, forensic video analysis, time vs distance, perception response time, animation, simulation, statistical analysis, downloading and analyzing event data recorders, as well as sightline and visibility analyses.

Wade Lanning, Ph.D. is a Senior Engineer at ARCCA specializing in the forensic analysis of mechanical failures and material degradation, such as fracture surface analysis, metal corrosion, polymer oxidation and degradation, weld and fastener failures and plumbing system material failures.

He also investigates consumer product failures (design or manufacturing defects, operator error) and accidents involving industrial equipment, as well as performing laboratory analyses of material composition, structure, and properties.

ARCCA specializes in figuring out what happened, or what could happen, over a wide range of situations and from the viewpoint of multiple technical disciplines. When clients have questions about a project, case, or claim and need an expert to analyze the facts and circumstances, ARCCA can help.

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