Defense News Winter 2021 Edition

The Winter Edition of the Defense News is available online. Check out the great articles from your colleagues.

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Check out these great articles by your colleagues.

EEOC Permits Employers to Mandate COVID Vaccinations to Employees: Now What?
by Sarah Turner & Hieu Williams

What In-Person Jury Trials Look Like During COVID-19 Pandemic in Washington State
by Kelsey Shewbert & Brandon Smith

Heading South: Key Differences Between the Washington and Oregon Versions of the “No Contact” Rule
by Mark J. Fucile

Hermanson v. MultiCare: Washington Supreme Court clarifies scope of corporate attorney-client privilege and application of Loudon rule
by David Norman & Mike Madden

Tips from My Virtual Jury Trial Experience
by Catherine A. Becker

One on One with Judge Keenan Regarding Zoom Jury Trials
by Erin Seeberger

Congratulations to WDTL's 2020 Award Winners 
by Rory Cosgrove

WDTL Continues Their Support of the Emergency Feeding Program
by WDTL Community Service & Pro Bono Committee



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