Section: Spring 2023
Henderson v. Thompson – Shifting the Burden of Proving Racial Bias
In Henderson v. Thompson, 200 Wn.2d 417, 518 P.3d 1011 (2022), the Washington Supreme Court held that once a prima facie showing of racial bias has been made at a civil trial, the party claiming bias is entitled to an evidentiary hearing on a motion for new trial, where the burden of disproving racial bias falls on the party seeking to preserve the verdict. While the right to an impartial jury is critical to our justice system, the Court’s decision in Henderson begs the question of what arguments a defense attorney can make that will not trigger a presumption that racial bias played a role in a jury’s verdict.
Professional Liability in the Cannabis Context
The legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States. Worth over $10 billion in annual sales, the economic impact of cannabis could reach as high as $77 billion by the end of 2022.
Nighttime Visibility
Neal Carter and the Explico team analyzed an impact between two tractor-trailers.
Communicate in Style: Know Your Negotiation Personality
Because the nature of litigation is inherently adversarial conflict is a constant. While everyone faces conflict to some degree, it is at the crux of what you do.

And how one manages conflict in the context of litigation—via negotiations with other stakeholders—has a significant impact on the matter, whether it be in the early stages, discovery, or trial.
Fitness Wearables as Digital Evidence: Transforming More Than Waistlines
In today's modern world, fitness wearables are a valuable tool for anyone wanting to improve their performance and well-being and monitor their physical activity by offering a range of benefits. The technology behind these devices is rapidly advancing, with sophisticated sensors that can track various biometrics, such as heart rate, sleep cycles, body temperature, respiration, and more.
What If?
The question has haunted all of us who have been on the losing end of a case: What if … I had called that additional witness, or I had filed or not filed that motion?
Defense Win!
Bob Christie and Megan Coluccio recently obtained a defense verdict for two emergency physicians and their medical group in a medical malpractice jury trial before the Honorable Emily Sheldrick in Clark County Superior Court.
Member News
Daniel Rankin is a new partner with Preg O’Donnell & Gillett.
Past Presidents' Lunch
Past presidents from more than three decades of WDTL leadership met on March 23 for lunch at the downtown Seattle restaurant, Purple.
Defense Win!
Matt Wood from the Law Office of Gerrit J. Ayers successfully defended a GEICO insured in a long, 3+ week jury trial in King County/Kent.