Section: Fall 2021
Defense Wins!
Defense Wins from Betts Patterson & Mines, Mix Sanders, and Tyson & Mendes LLP / Bennett, Bigelow & Leedom.
Judge Spotlight: King County Superior Court Chief Civil Judge Regina Cahan
King County Superior Court Chief Civil Judge Regina Cahan discusses the general impacts the pandemic has had on civil practice in the King County Superior Courts, as well as other considerations and observations she has had since the pandemic began.
Uncomfortable Position: Conflicts Among Jointly Represented Clients
Representing two or more clients jointly in the same case is relatively common for defense counsel in a wide variety of practice areas. A manufacturer and a distributor in a product liability case or a manager and a corporate employer in an employment case are but two recurring examples.
The Need for Police De-escalation
The Seattle Police Department defines de-escalation as follows: “De-escalation tactics and techniques are actions used by officers, when safe and feasible without compromising law enforcement priorities, that seek to minimize the likelihood of the need to use force during an incident and increase the likelihood of voluntary compliance.”
Toxicology of Alcohol: The Role of Toxicologists in Social Host & Liquor Liability
Commercial establishments where alcoholic beverages are served (e.g., bars, restaurants) and social hosts who serve alcohol in non-commercial settings may find themselves potentially liable for damage, injury, and/or death caused by alcohol-related accidents involving individuals they have served.
Junk Science Defeated!
In a highly contested medical malpractice case, involving a gravely impaired child, a Pierce County Superior Court jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in Link v. Multicare Health System, et. al on October 26, 2021