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2005 - Feb/March
Articles Include:
Legislative Report
Washington Supreme Court Affirms General Enforceability of Agreements to Arbitrate Employment Disputes
President's Column
Judicial Profile: The Honorable James Riehl
People on the Move
Car's Black Box Evidence
A Bouillabaisse of Lawyer Misery
DN0503.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2005 - July/August
Articles Include:
Disgruntled Employees in Your Law Firm: The Enemy Within
President's Column
And the Defense Wins
The Latest Discovery Technology
Judicial Profile: An Interview with The Grays Harbor County Superior Court Bench
Big Business Turns to Plaintiffs Lawyers for Help

2005/2006 - Winter
Articles Include:
List Serve Emails: "The Rest of the Story"
President's Column
Judicial Profile: An Interview with Thurston County Superior Court Judge Richard "Cork" Hicks
And the Defense Wins
Local Discovery Limitations and the Discrete Subparts Rule
Verdicts and Settlements

2006 - Late Spring
Articles include:
Protecting Confidentiality of Client Documents and Trade Secrets after Rufer v. Abbot Labs
Another Look at Reasonable & Necessary Medical Specials
Judicial Profile: Honorable Stephanie Arend
Put Your WDTL Membership to Work
Axes to Grind
Legislative Update
Thank You's Make List Serve and WDTL More Valuable
DN_April_06lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006 - Spring
Articles Include:
Judicial Profile: Hon. Gary Bass
No Love Lost for the Loss of Consortium Claim: An Argument for Its Abolition
And the Defense Wins
New Negotiation Tool Solves Age-old Problem
Legislative Update
The Case of Adams v. Truck Insurance
WDTLA_DN_Feb_06lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006 - Summer
Articles Include:
President's Column: Jill's Last Column
Youth Courts
Judicial Profile: Honorable Helen Helpert
Defeat of Drastic Changes to Offers of Judgment
A Springboard to Success?
Professionalism in Mediation
WDTLA_DN_July_06lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006 - Summer
Articles Include:
President's Column:
Jill's Last Column
Youth Courts
Judicial Profile: Honorable Helen Helpert
Defeat of Drastic Changes to Offers of Judgment
A Springboard to Success?
Professionalism in Mediation
WDTLA_DN_July_06lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006/2007 - Winter
Articles Include:
Governor Gregoire and Legislature Prepare for 2007 Session
Got Damages?
President's Column
The Double-Edged Sword of Judicial Estoppel
WDTLA_DN_Dec_06lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2007 - Late Spring
Articles Include:
Federal Court Applies Tegman to Minimize Damages in Sexual Abuse Case
Mold Claims Don't Pass the Scientific Sniff Test
Legislative Report
President's Column
Assessing the Psychiatric Sequelae of Trauma: Psuedo-PTSD and Other Concerns
Smoke and Mirrors: The Fabrication and Alteration of Electronic Evidence
Legal Clients with Psychological and Personality Difficulties
WDTL_DN_May07lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2007 - Late Summer
Articles Include:
No Hearsay in Electronically Generated Information
Your Board’s Work
Incoming President’s Column - Rick Roberts
News Flash: Civil Defense Lawyers are Great People
WDTL_DN_Sept07lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2007 - Spring
Articles Include:
Show Me the Money: Discoverability of Expert Witnesses’ Financial Records
President Steve R. Stocker Discusses the WDTLs Moot Court Service with Aaron V. Rocke
Workplace Proselytizing: A Cross Employers May Have to Bear
Legislative Report
And The Defense Wins
Condominium Homeowners Litigate Based on Perceived Moisture Damage in Exterior Walls: The Use of Rated Wall Board Primers as Vapor Barriers
WDTL_DN_Feb07lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2008 - Fall
Articles Include:
Ten Points to Ponder on Appeal
The JAMS Institute Learning from One Another
President's Column: Fall 2008
2008 Convention Wrap Up
DN0810.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2008 - Spring
Articles Include:
Evaluating the Quality of Mock Trial Research
Adding a Forensic Accountant to Your Team
President's Column: The Boards Work: Remembering What's Important
The Boards Work
Pro Bono Corner
WDTL_DN_March08lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2008 - Summer
Articles Include:
Whacked Out on Blackberrys in Depositions
The JAMS Commitment to Improving Our Communities
Meet Your New Board Members
And the Defense Wins
President's Column: Riding Off Into the Sunset...
WDTL_DN_July08lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2008 - Winter
Articles Include:
Impact on Citizen Participation After Jury Service
President's Column: R-67, So Where Do We Go from Here?
National Standards for Legal Nurse Consultants
Annual Awards at Judicial Reception
WDTL_DN_Dec07lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2009 - Fall
Articles Include:
President's Column: An Introduction
And the Defense Wins
Beyond Pro Bono Projects
WDTL_DN_Nov09lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2009 - Spring
Articles Include:
Maximize Your Chances of Settling at Mediation
Forensic Rehabilitation
Community and Serendipity in Troubled Times
WDTL Pro Bono Heroes!
Congratulations WDTL Members
Developments in Legal Malpractice Law
WDTL_DN_May09low.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2009 - Summer
Articles Include:
Simonetta Says Stop
The Plausibility Standard Under Twombley and Ashcroft
The Intelligent Investment
WDTL Pro Bono Heroes!
Annual Convention Report
WDTL_DN_Aug09lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2009 - Winter
Articles include:
Pondering Fahndrich (And Ignoring Juries)
On Law And Engineering
Politics, As Usual?
Jeff Frank Appointed Chair of DRIs Judicial Task Force
WDTL Board Update
Preparing to Depose the Adverse Expert
WDTL_DN_Feb09_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2010 - Late Spring
Articles Include:
Tegman Update: The Washington Supreme Court Lets
Rollins v. King County Metro Transit Stand
How Jurors Think: Using Both Reason and Emotion to Attack Damages
Social Media & the Workplace
Call for Auction Items
WDTL_DN_April2010_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2010 - Spring
Articles Include:
Dog Bite Cases: Avoiding Eight Common Mistakes
7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Trial
Putman Decision Finds Certificate-of-Merit Requirement Unconstitutional
Textual Harassment
Call for Auction Items
Supreme Courts Decision in Shafer Redefines the “Closure” of a Worker’s Compensation Claim
WDTL_DN_Feb2010_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2010 - Summer
Articles Include:
Electronic Communication and Data Storage Raise New Challenges to Privacy
So Long, But Not Farewell
Nathan Hale Mock Trial Team Tries Eco-Terror Case
Pro Se Representation is Up - and That's Bad, Say Judges in ABA Survey
Habitat for Humanity Project
1st Annual WDTL Speakers Foundation Fundraising Spelling Bee
WDTL_DN_August2010_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2011 - Early Winter
Articles Include:
Meet the Judiciary
Don't be This Lawyer:
WDTL Convention Flees to Whistler
Ramifications of Anderson v. Akso Nobel Coatings, Inc.
WDTL_DN_FallWinter2011.Lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2011 - Late Spring
Articles Include:
Persuasion in the Courtroom: Six Social Psychological Principles for winning
Supreme Court: Express Findings Required on Witness Exclusion
Judges are Just Plain Different
Don't be This Lawyer
Reed McClure Announces Three New Shareholders
WDTL_DN_latespring2011_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2012 - Fall
Articles Include:
Meet the Judiciary
Defense Smackdowns
Net Discount Rate: Why is it?
Why Diversity Matters
Don't Be This Lawyer...
2012 Annual Meeting
WDTL_DN_Fall_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2014 - Spring
Articles Include
Win Forever- Applying Coach Carroll's Principles to your Practice
WDTL Member News
Negotiation Tips
Golden Coat Award
WDTL_DN_Feb_2014_lo.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2014 - Winter
Articles include:
Expedia v. Steadfast
Jesse v. City of Dayton
Creating Value for WDTL
2014 WDTL Convention Recap
What About Maggie
2015 Convention Update

2015 - Winter
Articles Include:
WDTL Year In Review
DRI Recognizes WDTL
Judge Sean O'Donnell
Davis v. Cox
2015 Convention Wrap-up
New LLC Act
Avoiding Ageism
Creating Values
WDTL Nov 2015 Final.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - Spring
Articles Include:
New Federal Rules
Juror #10
Judge Judith Ramseyer
ECCL Task Force
Forsberg & Umlauf
Amicus for Review
Women in the Law
WDTL Volunteers
March2016.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - Summer
Articles Include
Speak Up & Be Yourself
Judge Jack Nevin
Amicus Update
Brady Material
Opinion: Mandatory Reporting
From Good to Great
Five Mistakes
Black Ice Case
Decoding Eastlake v Hess
Defense Successes
Vacant Buildings
Summer2016.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - Winter
Articles Include
Young Lawyer Committee
Future Plans for Defense News
Professional Liability
Women's Commission
WDTL Deploys Leadership
4th Annual Defender Donut Dash
Amicus Committee
Pro Bono/Community Outreach
November2016.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 - Spring
Articles Include:
Member Spotlight
WDTL Volunteers
Defense Successes
Op Ed - Revised Dress Code
Perez-Crisantos v. State Farm
10 Observations and Tips from Expert Witnesses
Bog Votes
DN1705.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 - Summer
Articles Include:
Thank You for Another Successful Convention!
Mock Trial: Defense Verdict for U.S. President
Member Spotlight
Defense Successes
Global Clients and Washington Rules
Allies in the Workplace
From the World of Asbestos
MAR 7.3 Attorney Fees
Major Changes for Chiropractors
New Members
WDTL_DN_July_2017.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 - Winter
Articles Include:
Member Spotlight
Parental Leave
IT Security Basics
Student Expulsion
South Sound Dinner
Insurance Defense Counsel
Defense Successes
Golden Coat Award
Trustee Applications
WDTL_DN_February_2017.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2023-2024 - Winter
A Journey with Judges Part I - Introduction to the Journey
Delicate Dance: Navigating Conflicts When Defending under a Reservation of Rights
WDTL Volunteers with Friendship Adventures
Why "You Do You" Resonates with Me When Resolving Disputes
Digital Forensics in Commercial Litigation: Leveraging Electronic Evidence and Addressing Spoliation Risks
WDTL Seattle Judicial Reception & Awards Ceremony

Defense_News_Winter_2023-2024.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2024 - Spring
Navigating the New Frontier: The Ethics and Potential of AI in Legal Practice
Tips & Tricks for Involving the Evolving Paralegal
Defense Wins
Well-Being Week in the Law
Heart and Soul - The Past Presidents' CLE
Sounding Out Community Noise Complaints
Seattle to Host the DRI 2024 Annual Meeting
WDTL's Day on the Hill
Practical Strategies for Handling and Preventing Agricultural and Food Processing Losses
WDTL South Sound Judicial Dinner
Defense_News_Spring_2024.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

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