Remote Jury Trial Webinars

These videos are complimentary

Remote Jury Selection in King County Superior Court Video

This complimentary CLE is was organized by the King County Superior Court to educate Judges and practitioners regarding how King County Superior Court will reopen for jury trials to explain and demonstrate picking a jury remotely using Zoom technology. The presenters discussed the courthouse and courtroom health plan, the jury selection timeline, the jury summons and case specific questionnaire, accommodating disabilities, voir dire, preemptory challenges, and other considerations. As well as tips and procedures for how to pick a jury remotely, including demonstrations with mock jurors and demonstrations on using jury questionnaires during this process.
Presenters: KCSC Judge Michael Scott
KCSC Judge Mathew Williams
Alisa Brodkowitz, Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Ann Rosato, Peterson Wampold Rosato Feldman Luna
Roy Umlauf and Carl Forsberg, Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S.
A Zoom Jury Trial Success!
Hear from members of Scheer.Law PLLC about the completion of one of the first fully virtual, Zoom 12 person jury trials in the State of Washington. The entire trial was by Zoom, with remote jurors, remote witnesses, and remote attorneys and judge – even remote deliberations! 

Learn how Zoom voir dire works, and how to manage exhibits, trial and witness presentation, and opening and closing statements. 
Presenters Mark Scheer, Founder
Jennifer Crow, Partner
Joe Hogan, Partner

Zoom Jury Trials From the Judge’s Perspective
King County Superior Court Judges David Keenan and Matthew Williams discuss all-Zoom jury trials, from pretrial conference to verdict, including jury selection using electronic questionnaires and Zoom, electronic evidence handling, opening jury instructions when the jurors are all on Zoom, handling issues outside the presence of the jury, dealing with juror questions for witnesses, troubleshooting issues such as a juror becoming disconnected, questions and concerns about jurors being at home, closing instructions, and deliberations on Zoom.