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Sunday, March 16, 2025

On Demand: Human Factors in Automobile Accidents

Start Date: 3/17/2022 8:00 AM PDT
End Date: 3/16/2025 5:00 PM PDT

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To address causation and liability in automotive accidents, it is critical to understand the many factors that influence driver behavior. This presentation will discuss how a human factors expert can help elucidate the roles of visual perception, environmental conditions, attention, expectancy, and response on driver performance. While litigators often focus on what behavior is possible, human factors experts will present scientific evidence in the fields of psychology and cognitive and behavioral science to address whether an individual’s behavior might be considered normal within the scope of how people typically behave. A comprehensive human factors analysis is crucial for understanding the driver and environmental contributions to motor vehicle accidents.

Presented by Jacqueline Zimmerman, Ph.D. and Danielle King, Ph.D.

Key Takeaways:
1. Human factors experts in automobile cases will help explain the influence of both environmental factors (e.g., lighting, road conditions, other driver behavior) and person factors (e.g., attention, distraction, expectancy) on motor vehicle accidents.
2. Seeing is not the same as perceiving; just because an object is visible does not mean it will be seen by an observer.
3. The visual cues available during the daytime differ from those available at night. Identifying the causes of an accident requires understanding the accident-specific lighting and environmental conditions.
4. There are numerous sources of distraction that reduce drivers’ ability to respond rapidly to hazards and, in turn, increase the likelihood of accidents.
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