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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lunch & Learn: The Future of Self-Driving Technologies

Start Date: 5/28/2020 12:00 PM PDT
End Date: 5/28/2020 1:00 PM PDT

Organization Name: Washington Defense Trial Lawyers

Maggie Sweeney
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Sponsor: Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

1 CLE credit 

Hosted via Zoom

Topic: The First Autonomous Vehicle to Pedestrian Fatality, the Coronavirus, and the Future of Self-Driving Technologies

In early 2018, a Volvo XC90 outfitted with Uber’s developmental Automated Driving System struck and killed a woman who was walking her bicycle across a street in Tempe, AZ. Dr. Gary Yamaguchi, Ph.D., P.E., will review and explain the technological and human issues involved from the unique perspective of having 30 years of experience consulting in legal matters involving vehicular and biomechanical accidents. The webinar will conclude with a review of state of the art self-driving technologies, and a glimpse into the future of personal transportation including the effects of coronavirus, the potential legal landscape, and the types of accidents that will still occur no matter who is actually controlling the vehicle.

Speaker: Gary T. Yamaguchi, Ph.D., P.E., NCEES

Dr. Yamaguchi received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Design Division, Biomechanics) from Stanford University, his S.M. (Masters) in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, his B.S. in Engineering & Applied Science from Caltech, and his A.B. in Physics from Occidental College. His consulting practice focuses on determining biomechanical mechanisms of injury, reconstructing both vehicular and biomechanical accidents based on evidence. His areas of practice include analyses of low-speed and high-severity vehicular accidents, vehicle-to-pedestrian impacts, spinal injuries, slips, trips, and falls, fall protection systems, sports injuries,
mechanical design, product liability, and premises liability.

Dr. Yamaguchi is also a registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical) with significant expertise in modeling and analyzing the dynamics of human body motions. As a professor at Arizona State University, he conducted original research to improve orthopedic surgical procedures, to develop neuralcontrolled prostheses, to analyze human gait and stance, to model animals used in spinal cord injury research, and to design devices for persons with disabilities (rehabilitation engineering). He taught courses in biomechanics, muscle physiology, engineering design, and bioengineering fluid dynamics. His research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Whitaker Foundation.

Dr. Yamaguchi has contributed to numerous journal articles and book chapters, and over 100 additional publications in official reports, proceedings, and transactions in the fields of injury biomechanics, accident reconstruction, musculoskeletal dynamics, movement simulation, neuromuscular coordination and control, rehabilitation engineering, and magnetic fusion energy. He is the author of a monograph book, Dynamic Modeling of Musculoskeletal Motion – A Vectorized Approach to Biomechanical Analysis
in Three Dimensions, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (2001) and Springer (2006).

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