The WDTL is in the process of updating the expert witness and general listservs, but until the interface with the listserv provider is finished, it will continue to be a manual process.  To join the listservs or if you experience an error message, please send an email to  

If you are getting listserv requests in your inbox, you are currently on the listserv.
The WDTL Listservs are valuable tools for the exchange of information between our members.  Proper usage allows for the exchange of well-reasoned, well-researched and, most importantly, time-saving, helpful answers.   
To send a listserv request, send an email to or


  1. Never put anything in a listserv message that would be harmful to your case if read by your opposing counsel or by the plaintiff's bar in general.
  2. When responding to a message, click Reply ONLY. This will send your response to the sender of the email. DO NOT click Reply to All.
  3. Turn off Request a Delivery Receipt.
  4. The listservs are for the use of WDTL members handling defense cases only. If you are representing the plaintiff in a case, you are not permitted to use these listservs for information.
  5. WDTL is not liable in any way for the content of any messages or any replies, including any errors, omissions or transmission problems.
  6. No Attachments - Submissions containing attachments, including embedded signatures, are not permitted. Such submissions are automatically deleted without notification to the sender. This rule is to protect all listserv subscribers from viruses that may be sent to the listservs.
  7. No Advertisements - Subscribers may not post advertisements or solicitations of any kind on the listservs. Subscribers who post such ads may be removed from the listservs. As the owner of the listservs, WDTL may make subscribers aware of new resources.

If you wish to send an email to a committee/section, you must send your request to the committee chair.  The chair has the ability to email the entire committee/section on your behalf.

To find the committee/section chair name, login and navigate to committees & sections on the Bookmarks on the left-hand side of the account page.  

To locate the chair's name, please click on the committee's roster (as indicated below) The chair’s email is on the roster as indicated on the left-hand side of the page below.

Benefits of WDTL Membership

WDTL is committed to helping our over 700 members elevate their civil defense practice through:

  • Professional networking opportunities including four regional judicial receptions and events to support our diverse, women and developing attorneys;
  • Timely continuing legal education programs specialized to our members' practices including monthly complimentary "brown bags";
  • Committed advocacy in legislative and appellate matters important to our members;
  • Quarterly newsletter that provides updates on hot and emerging topics to keep our members up to date;
  • Access to an engaging and useful listserve to share and gain information with fellow members; and
  • Collegiality, professionalism and fun!