The Civil Defense Political Action Committee is comprised of defense attorneys and interested business partners, working together to address injustices within the law and the legal system.  Legislative activities undertaken by our lobbyist and subject matter experts are important to the overall health of the civil defense bar.  Our clients depend on us to be the reasonable voices heard in Olympia to prevent catastrophic laws passing.

The Civil Defense PAC is Vital

PAC contributions help us raise our profile and influence in Olympia.  Legislators listen more readily to those who contribute to their campaigns.  Having a substantial PAC means that we have more opportunities to speak directly to legislators and count on more successes legislatively.  While the WDTL has been relatively successful in the past, we have been outspent and outmaneuvered by the plaintiff bar.   With your help, we can further raise our profile and success rate.

Please make a contribution today to keep the momentum going!

Fighting for justice and balance in civil courts.