Seeking Applicants for the 2021-2022 WDTL Board of Trustees

The Board Development Committee invites interested members to submit an application. Submissions due Friday, April 30.


WDTL's Board Development Committee is Seeking Applicants for the 2021-2022 WDTL Board of Trustees. 
The Board Development Committee invites interested members to submit an application. 

Application for Appointment to the WDTL Board of Trustees
Trustee Job Description

Submissions due Friday, April 30


  1. Serve as an ambassador for WDTL, attending events and acting as an advocate for the programs and services offered.
  2. Attend and participate in board meetings and conference calls, providing quality input on policies that serve the mission and purpose of the WDTL and its long-range plans, in conjunction with staff, officer, and member input.
  3. Provide leadership through the recruitment and training of high-quality new board members.
  4. Ensure the integrity and honesty of the workings of the board: adhere to standards of conduct; observe and when appropriate, amend the bylaws; assure proper election and rotation of officers; maintain well-functioning committees; monitor and address conflict of interest issues, and advance the mission of the WDTL.
  5. Oversee the fiscal and legal accountability of the WDTL.
  6. Hire, support, evaluate, and when necessary, fire the Executive Director.
  7. Review and approve a yearly plan of operations and operating budget.

To ensure all Washington civil defense attorneys embrace the highest professional standards of integrity, excellence, and commitment to a fair and just legal system.

To serve our members through professional development, education, and camaraderie, to promote the highest ethical standards for Washington civil defense attorneys, and to foster balance in the civil courts through judicial and legislative advocacy.

WDTL is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in its membership and leadership.  This commitment furthers WDTL's mission to promote justice and balance in civil courts.

WDTL SLOGAN: Fighting for justice and balance in civil courts.

Please contact Board Development Chair, Rachel Reynolds with questions.
Completed applications may be submitted to Executive Director, Maggie Sweeney


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Fighting for justice and balance in civil courts.