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  • Member over 5 years (admitted to WA state bar before 9/1/2012)
  • Member under 5 years (admitted to WA state bar after 9/1/2012)
  • Government attorney (must have an email address that indicates government services)
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  • Associate Member (paralegal or legal assistant of current member)
  • Law Student (must be attending an ABA accredited law school).
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Type Individual Record
Description Attorney (admitted to WA State bar before 9/1/2012) 
Membership Cost $295.00
Membership Length 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 10/31/2019 Total $295.00
Online Directory 1 online directory category is included with the membership.
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Benefits of WDTL Membership

WDTL is committed to helping our over 700 members elevate their civil defense practice through:

  • Professional networking opportunities including four regional judicial receptions and events to support our diverse, women and developing attorneys;
  • Timely continuing legal education programs specialized to our members' practices including monthly complimentary "brown bags";
  • Committed advocacy in legislative and appellate matters important to our members;
  • Quarterly newsletter that provides updates on hot and emerging topics to keep our members up to date;
  • Access to an engaging and useful listserve to share and gain information with fellow members; and
  • Collegiality, professionalism and fun!