Section: Summer 2023
From Self-Service to “Reasonable Foreseeability:” the Eight-Year Journey of Johnson v. Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board
When it landed on my desk in November of 2015, Johnson v. Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board was as inauspicious as any of the other dozen or so cases I inherited on my first day in the Torts Division of the Attorney General’s Office.
Washington Contractors Be Wary: One-Year Warranty Limitations Are Unconscionable
In late October 2022, in a narrow 5-4 decision, Washington’s Supreme Court struck another blow to general contractors—this time hitting them with a ruling holding that a one-year limitation period to file a lawsuit under a residential construction contract is “substantively unconscionable” and “void and unenforceable.”
Hypothesis and Predictions – The Scientific Method in Claims and Litigation
The collaboration between an attorney and an investigator comes with challenges, particularly when it comes to communication between experts and non-experts.
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WDTL Happy Hour
On August 31st, President Mike Rhodes and Past President Mike Nicefaro hosted the first of what will be the first of several Members-Only regional happy hours.
Past President's Dinner
Past presidents from more than three decades of WDTL leadership met for dinner the first evening of the 2023 WDTL Convention.
Less Is (Not) Moritz: Why Plaintiffs Probably Have to Show More to Establish Unreasonable Risk of Harm Post-Johnson v. Liquor and Cannabis Board, As Seen in the Case of Moritz v. Wal-Mart, Inc.
On July 25, 2023, United States Magistrate Judge Theresa L. Fricke granted summary judgment in favor of Walmart in the matter of Moritz v. Wal-Mart, Inc.
School Safety: Discipline Policies & Procedures
Dr. Suzanne Rodriguez, discusses school discipline policies and procedures as they relate to the prevention of subsequent violence, abuse, or bullying.
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2023 WDTL Annual Meeting & Convention
WDTL hosts the best annual convention, and this year was no different.
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