Section: Fall 2017
Do Not Forget Client Consent
All insurance defense attorneys representing an insured hopefully know who the client is. Historically, there may have been some confusion, but when you are retained to represent an insured, the engagement should be clear that the client is the insured. Washington’s Tank v. State Farm standard, which clarifies insurance defense lawyer loyalties, is revisited in the recent Arden v. Forsberg case.
There are Heroes Amongst Us
As American writer Joseph Campbell observed, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” I think many of our WDTL membership and core sponsors have given something bigger than themselves this year and for many years in the past. Yes, there are heroes amongst us.
Member Spotlight
Maggie has been active with WDTL for over fifteen years. Beginning as a member in 2001, she was hired as WDTL’s Executive Director in 2014. This year, she is the sole recipient of the 2017 DRI State or Local Defense Organization (“SLDO”) Executive Director award.
Yakima’s Judicial Reception was a Treat
It’s funny that Yakima always surprises me. I have been there enough by now that I should stave off the temptation to undervalue an agricultural community that has jaw-dropping views of Mount Adams and Mount Rainier when cresting into the Valley on Interstate 82. And while a beautiful venue, Yakima’s stock is its people.
The Death of Provocation
One night in the late-90s, off-duty Boise police detective David Smith drove an unmarked patrol car with his wife and daughter. They had just finished working a Neil Diamond concert (the officer as security and his family as ushers). Detective Smith was suddenly overtaken by a speeding car.
Message from Incoming President: Lori O’Tool
As WDTL’s incoming President, I am grateful for having served on its board, its Executive Committee, and to now lead our over 700 civil defense trial lawyer members. Working with my fellow board members and our very capable Executive Director Maggie Sweeney, this year I enthusiastically look forward to bettering our organization through relevant programming, improved communication, and opportunities for service while remaining fiscally responsible.
Your Mom Doesn’t Click Here
“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you . . .” or so the saying goes. In the context of phishing emails though, the more accurate rendering is, “They are out to get us all.”
You May Now Be Excused
Attorneys make mistakes. Recently a colleague and I were presented with a case in which our client was served with an amended complaint after the statute of limitations had expired. Our client was not a named defendant in the original complaint.
Book Review: 2018 Expert Witness Directory
I received the latest copy of this expert witness directory, which is a complimentary publication that is distributed throughout the nation. The company must pay a fortune to send out these directories. I have received this publication over the years but I do not remember ever using it. There have been reviews of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.[1] It is time for this expert witness directory to be reviewed.