Defense Win
Thursday, May 9, 2024
by: Eddy Silverman, Williams Kastner

Section: Spring 2024

On April 8, 2024, after more than two years of extremely contentious litigation, Eddy Silverman and his team at Williams Kastner prevailed on a Motion to Recover Attorneys’ Fees and Costs in the matter of Rinehart v. Tacoma RV et al. (Pierce Cnty. No. 21-2-06008-2), recovering nearly $400,000 for Defendant Keystone RV Company as a sanction for opposing counsel’s bad faith litigation tactics.  We believe this is among the largest such awards in our State’s history, and it was not easily won.  Beyond having to directly combat the tactics at issue, and an unrelenting barrage of personal attacks, threats and other frivolous litigation tactics, the attorney on the other side of the case attempted to escape judgment by withdrawing from the case as counsel, and then via the dismissal of all of the underlying claims.  Eddy and his team never relented though, and through their diligent efforts uncovered conduct and bad faith that warranted not only disqualification of the opposing attorney even once he had withdrawn, and all of the claims had been dismissed, but ultimately the above stated award of restitutionary fees and costs to Keystone—even convincing the court to revisit the latter issue on a Motion for Reconsideration, after the Court initially declined jurisdiction to hear the matter post-dismissal.