WDTL Volunteers with Friendship Adventures
In September, WDTL members and guests volunteered with Friendship Adventures in Shoreline, Washington.
Thursday, February 29, 2024
by: Gauri Shrotriya Locker, Office of the Attorney General, Torts Division

Section: Winter 2024

In September, WDTL members and guests volunteered with Friendship Adventures in Shoreline, Washington.  Friendship Adventures is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities by providing social, recreational and educational activities while promoting inclusion, building interpersonal skills, confidence and lifelong friendships.

Our group hosted a fun night of karaoke, raffles, food, and friendship, and also assisted Friendship Adventures staff with sorting donations.  Amy Craft (Sinars Slowikowski Tomaska) sorted donations:

“Volunteering with Friendship Adventures was a wonderful experience. The best part for me was meeting some of the people who have developmental disabilities and seeing firsthand their connection with the volunteers.  It is a beautiful thing to see the effect of kindness and inclusion on people, particularly people who do not have the advantages and privileges that most of us have. It inspired me to continue to do what I can by volunteering and being kind in my everyday life.”

Celeste Stokes (Office of the Attorney General, Torts Division) volunteered with karaoke:

“Just being with this wonderful group was heartwarming. Their enthusiasm was contagious. Maggie Sweeney’s husband playfully responded to all the song requests and each participant hammed it up to everyone’s delight. I look forward to volunteering with this group again, maybe a dance party?”

Friendship Adventures was very grateful for the assistance, and our volunteers also enjoyed the experience.  Special thanks to volunteers from Sinars Slowikowski Tomaska, Lee Smart, P.S., the state Attorney General’s Office, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP, the University of Washington, and ARCCA who participated that day.

For more information about Friendship Adventures, including volunteer opportunities, please visit www.friendshipadventures.org.   For more information concerning WDTL community outreach and pro bono opportunities, or to join the WDTL’s Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee, please contact the committee chair, Gauri Shrotriya Locker, at gauri.locker@atg.wa.gov or Maggie Sweeney at maggie@wdtl.org.