Defense Win!
Gerrit Ayers Gets Defense Verdict in King County Superior Court!
Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Section: Fall 2022

Gerrit Ayers of the Law Office of Gerrit J. Ayers (GEICO Staff Counsel Tacoma) recently had trial against Doug Weinmaster and Brandon Pacher of Phillips Law before Honorable Judge Adrienne McCoy. The case involved disputed liability following a lane change. Defendant reported she had nearly completed a merge to the right while traveling southbound on I-5 under the convention center when the plaintiff merged left into the right front of their vehicle. Defendant’s point of impact was right front, plaintiff’s point of impact was left rear. The plaintiff testified she had never changed lanes since entering the freeway somewhere near Northgate. 

Plaintiff’s injuries consisted of sprain/ strain soft tissue injuries. After an emergency room visit, she completed approximately two to three months of mostly chiropractic treatments incurring $8,370.55 in specials.  Attorney Gerrit Ayers obtained a defense verdict at arbitration, and the plaintiff filed a trial de novo.  After two days of deliberations, the jury returned a defense verdict.  Since the plaintiff failed to improve her position at trial, the plaintiff is responsible for the defendant’s reasonable attorney fees and costs.

As an added bonus, Phillips Law sought to withdraw the day after the verdict.  Defense counsel objected to their withdrawal.