Book Review: 2018 Expert Witness Directory
SEAK, Inc. – 2018
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
by: James E. Baker

Section: Fall 2017

Author Biography

Jim Baker is a defense lawyer with the firm of Jerry Moberg & Associates, P.S., in Ephrata. His practice emphasizes the representation of school districts, cities, counties and non-profit entities
I received the latest copy of this expert witness directory, which is a complimentary publication that is distributed throughout the nation. The company must pay a fortune to send out these directories. I have received this publication over the years but I do not remember ever using it. There have been reviews of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.[1] It is time for this expert witness directory to be reviewed.

The 2018 paperback edition of the directory is 309 pages and states on its red cover: “Contains over 1,600 expert witnesses indexed by over 23,000 categories.” The table of contents sets forth the states where expert witnesses are located. For example, there are 45 pages of California experts, 22 pages of Florida experts and 14 pages of New York experts. There are only five pages of Washington experts. Some states such as Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming have only a one page listing of experts.

The directory includes an index of experts by specialty ranging from AASHTO, ABDOMINAL  ANEURYSM  and ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSM to YOUNG ADULT PSYCHIATRY, ZINC and ZONING.  Display ads are found throughout the directory making representations such as “Your Expert Witness, On Call,” “I dig for buried treasure in insurance policies,” “Award-winning, fellowship trained physician,” “40% defense / 60% plaintiff,” “surgeon with extensive  med legal  experience” and “Recognized as an Expert.” The general listings of experts include educational background, the number of times deposed, the number of times testified and years in practice.

The five pages of experts in Washington include engineers, physicians, legal investigators, nurses, building inspectors, chiropractors and accountants.  There are only two display ads: a Seattle medical oncologist with “35+ Years in Practice” and a Renton mechanical engineer with “40+ Years Experience.”
There are only five pages of Washington experts.

The information in the directory can also be accessed online at A search of Washington experts brings up two chiropractors and two engineers and one each of experts in addiction medicine, brain injury medicine, business damages, construction, diagnostic radiology, economics, electrical engineering, emergency medicine, employment, environmental, equipment and machinery, failure analysis, family medicine and fire.

I will do with the 2018 directory as I have done with past directories: file in the round file.

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