Yakima’s Judicial Reception was a Treat
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
by: Holly Brauchli

Section: Fall 2017

Author Biography

Holly Brauchli is an attorney with Bullivant Houser Bailey. She primarily defends cases addressing products liability, general liability, malpractice, and class actions. She is on the WDTL Board of Trustees and is co-chair of the Professional Development Committee.
It’s funny that Yakima always surprises me.  I have been there enough by now that I should stave off the temptation to undervalue an agricultural community that has jaw-dropping views of Mount Adams and Mount Rainier when cresting into the Valley on Interstate 82. (Although, on this  trip,  I learned the true secret is Route 821).  And while a beautiful venue, Yakima’s stock is its people.  They are good, in the truest sense of the word.  Unlike the westerners who have raincoat hoodies, earphones, tech, and other tools of mass avoidance, they are connected.  Which is why I should not be surprised by how welcoming they are every time I hit Yakima’s stoop. 
Strikingly, all of these people knew each other personally and in detail.

We held our annual Yakima Judicial Reception at Gasperetti’s.  The quarters were close.  The discussions were friendly.  Judges Pennell and Lawrence-Berry of Division III joined for policy discussion while sporting their personalized nametags (in the shape of Washington State). Judge McCarthy shared the challenges of his day handling a calendar wrought with domestic violence accusations.   Judge Sanderson popped in with a slick pinstripe and shared the fun of some jury trials over which he has presided.  And the gentlemen over at Meyer, Fluegge & Tenney made a strong showing in numbers and character.  Strikingly, all of these people knew each other personally and in detail.  They asked about life events using children’s  names,  and wanted to know the results of specific briefs.  Drinks flowed, sliders were consumed, and laughter chorused.   These fellow practitioners served as an excellent example of the legal community.
Thanks,  Yakima.  Until next time…