Congratulations Forsberg & Umlauf!
You’ve done it again!
Sunday, February 18, 2018
by: Heather Proudfoot

Section: Winter 2018

Author Bio

Heather Proudfoot is an employment and business lawyer, an officer of the WDTL, and Chair of the WDTL’s Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee. She was a shareholder of Stafford Frey Cooper, where she worked for 12 years before going in-house. She is presently on a hiatus to stay at home with her young son, but remains active in the legal and business communities.
For over ten years, WDTL members and their firms and our core sponsors spar with friendly competition, each seeking the coveted Golden Coat Award. That award goes to whichever lawyer, firm or core sponsor collects for donation the most coats and specified cold weather items.  The donated items are given to shelters in the area where they were collected, which shelters then provide them for free to people in need.  This year alone, approximately 2,000 coats, boots and socks were collected!

They have quite literally donated thousands of coats and specified items over the years.

For the past several years, Forsberg & Umlauf have been the unquestionable winners of this competition.  They have quite literally donated thousands of coats and specified items over the years.  How do they do it?  They’ve taken the phrase “friendly competition” to a whole new level.  With verve and planning, the firm motivates donation through an internal competition of its own. Team A battles against Team B to see which F&U team wins.  There are generals and soldiers and some good-natured ribbing.  While we won’t share all their tactics, we will say they are creative as well as generous.  They don’t just clean out their closets.  And while the outlook is good, I wonder…Will they stay on top in 2018?  Or will some other gunner firm give them a run for their money?  No matter how it turns out, know this: Forsberg & Umlauf, your amazing generosity touches – and perhaps even saves – lives.  The award to you is well-deserved.  Congratulations!!!