First Website Lesson - Logging In & Managing Your Profile

The first step in learning to love the new website is being able to manage your membership profile.  This is quick lesson how to manage your member profile (and get you excited to discover the various aspects of the new website!).
Log in at the top of the website (and every page has a  login on the top right).
A pop-up box will ask you for your user name (and if you don't remember - it's ok - the password reminder will also include your user name).  A password reminder can be sent to you if you can't remember it or if you don't know it when you first log in.  Once you logged in - an account button will appear next to the logout button.

After you are successfully logged in - you will be taken to your profile.  This is where you can add a company or personal logo or picture, website link, social media profiles and where you can add yourself to the expert witness and general list serves.  One important note:  if you make any changes on any of your pages - save your changes by hitting the save button on the bottom right of the page.

That's it for lesson one...I hope we made it simple for you.  Questions?  Just email us at


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Benefits of WDTL Membership

WDTL is committed to helping our over 700 members elevate their civil defense practice through:

  • Professional networking opportunities including four regional judicial receptions and events to support our diverse, women and developing attorneys;
  • Timely continuing legal education programs specialized to our members' practices including monthly complimentary "brown bags";
  • Committed advocacy in legislative and appellate matters important to our members;
  • Quarterly newsletter that provides updates on hot and emerging topics to keep our members up to date;
  • Access to an engaging and useful listserve to share and gain information with fellow members; and
  • Collegiality, professionalism and fun!