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Benefits of Board Membership
  • Learn about new developments in the law, cases, judicial issues/races, legislative issues and WDTL activities at Board meetings.
  • Network with civil defense attorneys from all areas of Washington.
  • Get direct referrals for cases and arbitrations from fellow Board members.
  • Meet other defense leaders at the annual NW Defense Leaders conference which includes leaders from Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona and California.
  • Get involved in a committee or task force that interests you and develop leadership skills and peer recognition.
  • Share your volunteer contributions for WDTL with your clients such as published articles or special invitations to attorney/client social events.
  • Hone speaking skills at seminars and other meetings.
  • Get answers to your questions from other experienced attorneys who serve on the Board.

In 2001, WDTL Board members were asked in a confidential questionnaire why they chose to serve as WDTL Trustees. A summary of their responses is below:

  • Camaraderie, Collegiality, Friendships
  • Professional Development and Growth
  • Make a Difference; Contribute to the Profession

This same Board was asked to identify TWO compelling reasons why a defense attorney should join WDTL today. A summary of their responses is below:

  • Network with other defense attorneys and share resources.
  • Enhance professional abilities.
  • Help strengthen the defense bar, to the ultimate benefit of individual attorneys.
  • Obtain information/knowledge/contacts that help them be better lawyers.
  • Share litigation strategies.
  • Keeping abreast of issues important to civil defense trial lawyers.
  • Educational and professional development.
  • Stay informed on legislative issues.
  • Improving trial skills/defense skills.
  • To enhance his or her own practice through the mutual exchange of ideas, tactics, etc. To join in a mutual professional front against WSTLA.
  • Shared knowledge of hot legal issues and practice tips.